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Unlocking Your NEXT Level

At HŌMGROUP, we pair you with your PERSONAL TRANSACTION ASSISTANT who will manage the entire contract-to-close process for you on every single deal…at NO COST TO YOU. Our Transaction Assistants are highly experienced and ensure you are in the loop, and in control of your deal, while they do all of the tasks that take up your time such as: writing amendments and proposals, tracking down signatures, getting septic records, ordering inspections, and getting updates from the lender. They double check your paperwork, get your file approved for commission, and complete over 150 other tasks on every single transaction so you can sell more HŌM’s or spend more time doing the things you love. With HŌMGROUP, what you do with your time is up to you, we’re just unlocking the door to Your Next Level.


HŌMGROUP is a full-service real estate brokerage focused on providing our agents with the framework of success and giving them the opportunity to grow their business while getting their TIME back, without compromise. We don’t like fluff or BS, so we provide you with real actionable tools, training and full transaction management services on every deal to give you and your clients the highest level of support you deserve.

Full Professional In-House Contract-to-Close Services

Your time is the most important asset you have. We give your time back with full contract-to-close services on every single deal at NO COST TO YOU.

Flexible Commission Plans

Offering strong compensation plans that meet you where you are in your life and your business while giving you the freedom you need to grow. 

Best of the Best Technology

We provide unbeatable technology so you can generate leads along with integrated automation so you can focus on converting your leads into clients.

Extensive Training at Your Fingertips

Comprehensive online training available from any device combined with live weekly training and Q&A taking you from new agent to team building.

24/7 Support When You Need It Most

At HŌMGROUP you get 24/7 Support when you need it. Whether needing help filling out a contract or how to handle a specific situation — it’s all there. 

Join us on the ground floor…

Individual Agent Plans

Team Plans

*Must have a proven history of 20+ transactions per year for each of the previous 2 years to qualify for NEXT LEVEL Plan.

**All transactions include a $275 Base Broker Commission that can be paid by the client or included in seller paid closing costs. Upon joining, you will pay a one-time activation fee of $199.

***After Cap, all agents receive 100% Commission and monthly dues remain.

****To Qualify for Team Plans, Must Have 2+ Agents Closing $1M+ Per Month

Oh, and Of Course…

ZERO Annual Fees!

ZERO Franchise Fees!

ZERO Desk Fees!

ZERO Tech Fees!

ZERO Hidden Fees!

Let’s Look at the Numbers…

  • HŌM Group Commissions = $120,000* 100% 100%
  • Typical Franchise = $84,000** 70% 70%
  • The Result = $36,000 More with HŌM Group 42.9% 42.9%

*HŌMGROUP commissions calculated on the Next Level Plan with Base Brokerage Commission being paid by client, excluding monthly membership.
**Typical Franchise commission calculated after 3o% split. Excluding Tech, Desk, Annual, and Misc Fees.
Note: Income based on 20 closings with an average sales price of $200,000.

Contract-to-Close Value

HOURS Saved PER DEAL with Contract-to-Close Service

Number of Extra Deals Per Year Statistically Gained from Having Contract-to-Close Services

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